Wonderland, Where Jean Dreams Are Made

Wonderland, Where Jean Dreams Are Made

There are few things better than perfectly broken-in jeans. That pair you grab every morning with a phone-shaped outline on the back pocket and just enough ripping at the knees. But in this instant gratification world, who has the patience to wear them in? 

Which leads us to our latest batch of Premium Stretch Jeans, we knew we wanted our washes to look and feel as authentic as possible right out of the box. But jeans can be challenging when it comes to replicating years of love because they're mirror images of how the body moves and bends. The solution? Using personal and vintage styles found around the world as templates and partnering with some of the best denim experts in the business. So we pulled together several character-filled pairs and headed to Henderson, Kentucky, home of the jean geniuses at Wonderland Concepts.


Headed up by Dick Gaines, Wonderland Concepts has over 25 years of experience replicating vintage jeans using meticulous techniques like color tinting, sun softening, and hand sanding. Starting with our resilient stretch fabric, they were able to reimagine all of our hand-picked originals detail for detail, including the Indigo Medium Wash.


We found the inspiration for Indigo Medium Wash at a vintage shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Dark washes are a rarity because people don't tend to donate their jeans until they're pretty faded. But it was still full of crease marks and subtle spots, so the combination of shade and detail was asking to be recreated. It’s an instant classic, right out of the gate.


For our Dark Wash, we didn't have to go very far to find a pair worth bringing along. Hazel, our intrepid designer/mom-to-be/denim goddess, grabbed a pair from her husband that had been worn to perfection over three years. (He parted with them only on the promise that they'd get some TLC at Wonderland.) We held off on recreating his personal details (like your wallet mark, your phone outline, etc.), so that part is up to you.


We had a hand in finding the inspiration for our Light Wash. We've got a trained denim freak, Brit Eaton, that we work with out in Durango, Colorado. He spends his time hopping all over the country looking for incredible vintage denim (sweet gig). Brit finds them in the most unlikely places and tells us stories of legendary jeans found in houses of abandoned mining towns. One of his deliveries had a torn-up pair with a bright indigo wash. We fell in denim love, cleaned it up a bit, and ended up with the Light Wash.


The ancestor of our Medium Vintage Wash comes from an ocean away in Japan. Their previous owner clearly loved these and from what we can tell, didn't wash them very often. This left us with some great contrast and extremely authentic shades to recreate. It took a whole lot of tinting and even more sandpaper, but they came out just about perfect. (FYI, this one's gonna be available for sale on Monday.)

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