Three Outfits to Wear for Three Thanksgivings

Three Outfits to Wear for Three Thanksgivings

Photographs by Ryan Slack

The unmistakable signs of the holidays are all around us. You’re not alone if you feel a sudden urge to attempt frying a turkey, to master the art of mashed potatoes, or to look like a million bucks when Thanksgiving day arrives next week. We’d love to help you with all of those things. But sadly, we cannot join you in your kitchens to baste and mash and whatnot. We can, however, help you outfit yourself properly for whatever kind of Thanksgiving you plan on attending. 


Hamid wears the Nomad Sweatpants in Raisin, the Shearling Collar Bomber Jacket in Chocolate Ale, and the Wool Scarf in Burgundy Glen Plaid

If You’re Chilling With Family

We’re not the types to shy away from dressing up a little bit. We love a good suit, we live in pairs of perfectly-fit jeans, and please, bury us in our fanciest sweaters. But when it comes to waist-expanding holidays, we can be persuaded for something a little more elastic, especially if we're spending it with those obligated to love us no matter what. If you’re planning on taking this route, may we suggest some sweats that are slightly more tailored than your bulky ones from college? 


Hamid wears the Oversized Topcoat in Navy, the Flannel Shirt in Indigo Berwick Plaid, the Chunky Merino Turtleneck Sweater in Heather Navy, and the E-Waist Cotton Trouser in Navy

If You’re Meeting the Parents

After giving actual thanks, Thanksgiving is basically just a big opportunity to parade your significant other around your most-loved ones. Deep down, this is really an act of love, a way of saying “I care about you and want to show everybody I do.” But it’s also a gauntlet of questions, interviews, and appraisals veiled with a delicious layer of gravy and pies. So before you get comfortable enough to sneak a midnight snack from the leftovers, make sure you look like a guy who has his sh*t together at dinner. (And come with a gift.)


Hamid wears the Wool Trench in Brown, the Boucle Crew Neck Sweater in Light Gray, the Brushed Button-Down Shirt in Black Westwind Plaid, and the Stretch Flannel Trousers in Camel

If You’re Friendsgiving It

For those not making a pilgrimage home to visit their families and are opting for a Thanksgiving with friends, we implore you to bring some style to the table along with that potluck bottle of wine and six pack of beer. Keep it chill and relaxed with a good sweater and a decent pair of pants. The last thing the Turkey gods want is for you to be cropped out of everybody’s #Friendsgiving ‘grams.