John JannuzziStyle, How To

The Tech Wool Field Jacket Always Has Your Back

John JannuzziStyle, How To
The Tech Wool Field Jacket Always Has Your Back

Above: Photo by Matthew Brooks
Illustrations by Liza Corsillo

Though winter and cold weather brings us the gift of layering up our sweaters and coats, it also brings some of nature’s harsher elements. We’re talking about snow and ice, of course. They endanger your morning commute, threaten you with tedious salting and shoveling, and can put a damper on a perfectly relaxing weekend (even if it is a little picturesque). The only way to outsmart them is to go on the defense with a serious piece of outerwear — the Tech Wool Field Jacket, for example. 


The Tech Wool Field Jacket in Navy

Don’t be fooled by its youthful good looks, this thing is a powerhouse that will keep you in top gear all winter long. That's all in thanks to it's makeup of water-resistant Italian wool, a removable bib, and a lined and quilted hood. Pretty much any guy can wear it for almost any occasion.

For the Workplace Warrior

However noble and stylish your intentions are at work, your best topcoats are better kept for fairer days. If there’s a sniff of bad weather out there, you don’t want to risk showing up waterlogged or beaten down by a snow squall. Thanks to that luxe water-resistant Italian wool on the outside, you’ll be toasty warm, bone dry, and still look like a guy who has it all figured out. (If you need some extra room for your office look, feel free to remove the innermost layer.)

For the Driveway Defender

After the initial cozying up and gazing at fresh blankets of snow comes the inevitable shoveling. One of nature’s most unwelcome little gifts. There’s no way we can help you actually clear that driveway or sidewalk, but we can help you keep warm and insulated from the post-storm winds. The removable lining on the inside of the Tech Wool Field Jacket will keep you well insulated. Don’t be surprised if the neighbors ask where you got your jacket. 

For the Hot Toddy Travelers

No winter or holiday season comes without a party or two. So knowing you’ll be heading out to hob knob with your various crews, we want to make sure you look your best. If the weather isn’t so terrible, then pop out that gilet to give yourself a little bit more breathing room when you pull up to the bar. It’s the most stylish way to keep extra warm. 


For The All-Out Adventurers

If, for some ungodly reason, you do choose to venture out in the elements — even if it’s just a quick walk to the corner store — this is your jacket. The puffy and toasty inner layer and the fully-lined hood will keep you putting one foot in front of the other. Just be sure to bundle up with scarves, hats, and any other accessories you might need.