John JannuzziStyle, Role Model

The Story Behind our Favorite Lovebirds

John JannuzziStyle, Role Model
The Story Behind our Favorite Lovebirds

Photographs by Matthew Brooke

Spencer Draeger and Mick Szal, those two lovebirds you’ve seen on our website, in our catalog, and on our Instagram aren’t just playing it up for the camera. They’re an honest to god real-life couple, and they’re exactly as cool as you’d imagine they are. Spencer heads up The Midnight Hollow, a pyschedelic band out of New York. Mick is a globe-trotting, ukulele-playing former concert violinist who lights up any karaoke bar she can find.


Spencer wears the Italian Wool Shawl Collar Sweater in camel, and the Marled Jersey Henley in marled grey

Mick wears the Slub Jersey Long-Sleeve Tee in grey marl

The story of how they got together, according to Mick, involves “messages getting lost in transit, a little light stalking (by both sides), fending off a degenerate man, and of course, a lot of booze.” They met while Mick was celebrating her return home after what she describes as a “self-imposed three month exile to Singapore.” In a dark bar Spencer saw her and thought, “well that girl is out of my league, but I need to know who she is.” After sliding into the conversation, Spencer picked up on a pretty niche Age of Empires reference Mick made and that was all it took. When the lights came on at closing time, Mick made what we consider to be an extremely romantic gesture and said, “you wanna go eat pancakes till we puke?” Magic.

As we mentioned, they’re both musically-gifted. Spencer’s been at it since he was just a 14-year-old and played his first show. “I haven’t really deviated far from that moment in wanting to be a musician for the rest of my life.” By the time he was 18, he was playing in San Francisco’s BFD festival. He finds the pursuit of it all addicting, and still has “those moments of like, ‘Oh shit, this is like my job now?!’” His band, The Midnight Hollow, feels rare. It’s a sound you don’t often hear (a fan described it as “pysch-tronica”). We suppose that comes from their dedication to authenticity and what Spencer calls “going for it.” 

Mick has an affinity for four stringed instruments, whether that’s a violin, viola or a ukulele. The former of which is just one of the others on its side, she says. She picked it up after her sister brought one home from Hawaii, “I immediately knew i would be stealing it from her,” she jokes. Her favorite thing to play at the moment is a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright,” but she’s also trying her hand at some old polish folk songs. Not content to be just a musical prodigy, Mick’s also a travel fanatic, which she finds freeing. If she’s on her way home from one place, she’s plotting her journey to the next, fully believing that “you get to know yourself in a really different way when you’re in new places.” True that.

Spencer wears the Handknit Mock Neck Sweater in navy, and the Premium Stretch Jeans in Resin Rinse

Mick wears the Italian Wool Deep V-Neck Sweater in navy, and the Wool Cashmere Scarf in marled navy

When we asked Spencer to tell us about some musicians he admires, he told us that Roxy Music’s Avalon might be his favorite album of all time. And when we asked Mick to describe Spencer as a song, she said it was easy, choosing the same band’s “More Than This.” Granted, it may not be entirely shocking that they’d match up here, but clearly they’ve got something good going. 

Top: Mick wears the Jetsetter Stretch Velvet Blazer in charcoal,

Spencer wears the Stretch Italian Wool Topcoat in bright navy, and the Lightweight Wool Crew Neck Sweater in navy mix