Jason Flom Won’t Stop Fighting for the Wrongfully Imprisoned

Jason Flom Won’t Stop Fighting for the Wrongfully Imprisoned

As one of the most successful music executives in the world, Jason Flom has spent his career launching multi-platinum musical acts. However, helping to turn unknown performers into superstars wasn’t enough for Jason. Now he focuses on giving a voice to an oft-forgotten group: men and women who have been wrongfully incarcerated for crimes they did not commit. 

It’s no surprise that Jason parlayed his ability to get people, their stories and voices heard into his love and commitment to the criminal justice reform movement, a movement he has relentlessly championed since 1993. It all started when he read a story about a man named Steven Lennon who had been sentenced to a mandatory 15 years-to-life for a non-violent, first offense drug possession charge. Ever since, Jason has described himself as an “obsessive advocate” for non-violent first offenders and also the wrongfully convicted. This obsession led Jason to becoming a founding board member of the Innocence Project, a nonprofit legal organization with a simple goal—to exonerate wrongfully convicted people and find solutions to reform the current justice system and to avoid future injustices.


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He is also the executive producer and host of the chart-topping podcast, Wrongful Conviction. In each episode, he interviews an exoneree about his or her story. With the support of defense lawyers and representatives from various advocacy groups, he recounts the preposterous stories behind these cases, as a way to expose the broader issues. His goal is to promote alternatives to mass incarceration and offer his ideas on how to reduce the indecencies of wrongful convictions. Flom believes that together we can end mass incarceration while improving public safety.

Do whatever you want to do, try to be the best at it, but remember that the most important thing is to make the world a better place.

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Photographed by Jason Frank Rothenberg