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Plot Yourself on the Shirt Coziness Spectrum

John JannuzziHow To, Style
Plot Yourself on the Shirt Coziness Spectrum

As winter starts to set in, we shelve our T-shirts and Rivieras for something a little warmer, a little more comfortable, and a little cozier. The name of the game here is staying toasty, and we’ve got a lineup of shirts that will keep you satisfied no matter where you land on the coziness spectrum. All you’ve got to do is pick your favorite, slam that buy button, and live in it all season long. Naturally, since this is Bonobos, they all come in our short, standard, and long lengths in our slim, tailored, and standard fits.


Left to right: The Washed Button-Down in Red Arrow Check, White Giraffe Tower, and Navy End on End

Cozy: The Washed Button-Downs:
Let’s start with the lightest of them all. These guys will keep you looking fantastic and feeling fuzzy no matter what time of year it is. They’re super-thin and super-soft. We consider them the casual shirt that should be hanging in your closet all year long. Pair them with a blazer, a coat, a sweater, or just let them stand on their own. It all works.


Left to right: The Brushed Button-Down Shirt in Red Big Check, Navy Bertel Plaid, and Douglas Fir

Cozier: The Brushed Cottons:
Alright, now we’re getting a little heavier. Brushed cotton is soft and a little fleecy, giving you an added boost of comfort and ease. It’s a step closer towards flannel and an all-around classic. We’d recommend this weight exclusively for the fall and winter, don’t want you getting all steamy in the summer. They’re the perfect thing to throw under a sweater.


Left to Right: The Flannel Shirt in Indigo Berwick Plaid, Blue Foxton Plaid, and Burgundy McCallum Plaid

Coziest: The Flannels:
It’s heavy-hitting time. Our classic flannel shirts are exactly what to reach for when you want that handsome, rugged, manly, axe-wielding, spitfire-cooking kind of look. They’ll work as a layering piece (we like them with a henley), and on the warmer-but-also-cold days, they’re good as makeshift outerwear. A classic standby for the colder seasons.


Left to right: The Feel Good Flannel Shirt in Teal Plaid, Aqua Hill Check, and Red Harrison Flannel

Cozier-est: The Feel Good Flannels
Okay okay, we know we’ve already talked about flannels. But these are extra. They’re the cozy army’s last line of defense, the pièce-de-résistance of our lineup. Here, we’ve taken everything we love about flannel and mixed it with our brushed cotton shirts to create what we believe is the softest, warmest, toastiest shirt on the planet. This is the one you live in and the one that gets borrowed by bedmates to wear on cold mornings. It’s your new favorite.