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Everything You Need to Know About Our Fall Collection

LookJohn Jannuzzi
Everything You Need to Know About Our Fall Collection

When it came time to work on our Fall 2017 collection, our design trust looked at the high-design land of Scandinavia for inspiration. There, on the stylish streets of Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo they found the colors of our season: rich navy, burgundy, olive, and brown. They looked further to the artists of the bold and bright Thorvaldsen Museum and the rolling rooms of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.


Left: Ryan wears the Quilted Terry Bomber in light grey, and the Brushed Button-Down shirt in heather grey plaid
Right: Ryan wears the Jetsetter Topcoat in camelthe Jetsetter Dress shirt in white

One such artist was Poul Gernes. Our Chief Creative Officer Dwight Fenton remembered first seeing his work of as they toured the region:

“I walked in to the Louisiana Museum in Copenhagen and was reading about the exhibits posted on the wall when I came across this intro, ‘Cool, colorful, provocative, wildly experimental and visionary’. I had never heard of the artist they were describing, Poul Gernes, but I knew I had to head straight there. With his frothy beard and unique use of color pairings, turned out he was all of those things.  His palettes, combinations and Nordic sensibility became the basis for the Fall 2017 line and you'll see the influence sprinkled throughout the collection.” 


Ryan wears the Boulevard Jacket in burgundy

Gernes work, along with several other artists including Josef Albers, Michael Chamberlain, and Charles and Ray Eames helped to create a collection for a modern guy with an eye for design, and maybe a few Nordic tendencies. We shot everything in downtown New York City’s De Maria restaurant, a perfectly-designed space to compliment the clothes. The whole collection is easy (shoutout to our stretch fabrics), it’s versatile, it fits like a glove (as always), and will keep your fall as chill as possible no matter how you wear it — but that’s your call.