Meet the Surfer with a Ridiculously Simple Workout

Meet the Surfer with a Ridiculously Simple Workout

Photographs by Bjorn Iooss

Living by the ocean to surf every day is a dream scenario for a lot of us. For at least one guy, Blaine, our intrepid surfing underwear model, that dream is just straight-up life. He makes his home out in New York City’s Rockaways — “a typical, lightly-gentrified, outer-borough neighborhood” as he puts it. 

He moved there this past June so he could get in the water every single day to surf, a habit he became “thoroughly obsessed” with after spending two months in California. Of course balancing his time between the waves and modeling means Blaine’s got to stay in excellent shape. Though, his fitness regimen is pretty austere: “My strength routine is a simple combination of push-ups, squats, and planks. I typically do it every other day and it takes about 30 minutes.” So consider him your living proof that you may not need to spend hours and hours in the gym. Plus, Blaine’s routine can be done pretty much anywhere, leaving him (and any of us really) no excuse not to get after it. 


Blaine wears the Underwear in navy blue

And if you’re reading this and starting to toy with the idea of picking up surfing and moving to a beach within commuting distance, Blaine has some advice for you: “Go for it.” Don’t just hop in the ocean though — “call a surf school and figure out when would be best. They’ll teach you how more quickly than you could learn on your own, allowing you to have more fun in a shorter amount of time.” Also, it’s definitely going to take some dedication, so be prepared to commit and learn the proper etiquette for when you’re out there in the water. “You never know, it could change your life,” he says.

Top: Blaine wears the Overshirt in olive camp