Everything You Need to Know About Our Three Suit Fits

Everything You Need to Know About Our Three Suit Fits

Everybody knows that no two guys are built exactly the same. A suit that looks great on one guy won’t look as good on the next. Some of us are built tall and lean, others wider and thicker, and some in between. The one thing all guys share though is that they need a suit. And not just any suit, they need a suit that will turn a head or two, will make them feel like the best-dressed guy in the room, and give them an extra bit of confidence. Simply put: all guys need a suit that makes them look fantastic (AKA fit like a dream).

To that end, we’ve created three suiting fits that can outfit every guy on the fit spectrum: Slim, Standard, and Athletic. Here’s how they all break down.

Slim Fit


Rocky wears the Jetsetter Stretch Italian Wool Suit Jacket in Grayson Navy Plaid, and the Stretch Unbutton Down Shirt in White

This is the one for guys who are on the trim side. It’s our skinniest suit. The fit is narrow and comes in for a clean and close cut. The armholes are a bit higher to keep things nice and streamlined. The chest is trimmer for a closer fit across the top of the jacket (very debonair). Lastly, the pants start to taper from the mid-thigh downwards. It’s all about fitting you, not falling off you. 

Standard Fit


Race wears the Foundation Italian Wool Suit Jacket in Light Grey, and the Daily Grind Wrinkle-Free Dress Shirt in Blue End on End

This fit is what we would call “ordinary” but is definitely meant for extraordinary guys like yourself. In comparison to the slim suit, these armholes are slightly lower. There’s also a bit more room in the bicep — something to keep in mind if you’ve been pulling curls in the gym. The pants are cut with a little more room, so you can move with comfort and ease. 

Athletic Fit


Alan wears the Jetsetter Stretch Wool in Grey, and the Superfine Short Sleeve Polo in Duffel Green

We made this one for all the guys with thighs out there. The pants have extra room in the seat and the thigh and don’t start tapering until the knee, so your legs won’t be squeezed into something too small. The jacket is cut larger in the chest and broader in the shoulders and upper back to fit a wider frame.