GoodSport Makes Workouts Great

GoodSport Makes Workouts Great

Are you a runner? Are you a pickup game all star? Are you a deadlifter? Do you play in a soccer league just to get beers after? It doesn’t really matter how you stay active, we just want to make sure you’ve got the tools to do it right. That’s where GoodSport comes in — our lineup of activewear that will keep you outfitted on the pavement, the court, the field, and beyond. There’s four-way stretch material to help you go the extra mile, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you clean, and it’s all quick-drying to keep you fresh. And if you’re at all concerned about support, rest easy knowing there are built-in briefs where and when you need them.


Left: Samer wears the Windbreaker in heather charcoal and the Core Running Shorts in black
Right: Samer wears the Core Running tights in black, the Core Basketball Shorts in black and the Core Muscle Tee in black

We took everything out for a spin with Samer Delgado, the single dad, American Ninja Warrior competitor, expert trainer you see here (he's the guy flying through the air). Delgado has been doing calisthenics for about five years now. He tells us he was inspired by an Instagram post of a human flag (that mind-boggling thing where you basically go horizontal in the air from your arms). It didn’t take much more than that to get him hooked, “After seeing all the different exercises they were doing I know I had to learn. It just fits who I am.” Though he’ll still get sessions in at the gym, Delgado swears by his calisthenic routine. And though the thought of attempting this stuff may seem little daunting, he promises “there’s no other feeling like having fun while getting stronger and fit all at once.” 


Samer wears the Core Basketball Shorts in charcoal and the Core Long Sleeve Tee in heather charcoal sketch

When we dug a little deeper into Delgado’s workouts, we asked him how long it took him to nail the handstand, a move that requires a whole ton of strength and just as much patience. After about four months training two or three times a day, he was able to hold one. He followed up by telling us that there’s no such thing as “nailing the handstand." Why? "Because there’s always a way to challenge the skills you have obtained to make the move more advanced.” He then rattled off a list of progressions: One-armed handstands, hallow back handstands, and said there’s always a progression to make. The dude doesn’t stop learning and pushing himself. Good advice. Good sport.